I highly recommend Calendars for the Web for its very usable calendars on a web site.

Lloyd W. Walker
ADO Support

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Our clients frequently remark on the quality of our software and our consulting and technical services. Here are some of their comments.

Calendars for the Web [...] is easy to use and customizable by the user and reasonably priced. In addition, I made use of Great Hill's excellent consulting service to add additional customization that was unique to my application environment. [...] the modifications were completed in just a few days. I highly recommend Great Hill Corporation's Calendars for the Web for any web based applications requiring calendar functions.
Larry Arnold, Director, Flow Cytometry Facility, University of North Carolina

I just wanted to express my appreciation for your quick responses to [our] inquiries. Great customer support!
Glenn R. Whitestone, Information Services Manager, Graham & Dunn PC

Calendars for the Web has been an excellent addition to our website and significant value-add as a useful information tool to our college and constituent community. We have been very impressed by both the software and particularly the support. Both have been rock-solid.
Larry D. Arps, CIO, Manhattanville College

I would like to thank you for all the support that you have given. The calendar has been a huge success!! Having hundreds of projects that need to be scheduled and tracked by multiple organizations this was the perfect tool. We have been very pleased with how user friendly this software is. Keep up the good work!
Keven Sticher, Southwestern Bell Communications

I want to express my great enthusiasm for Calendars for the Web software as a scheduler for my flow cytometry core. I installed the system 2 1/2 years ago on a small PC running Linux and have not had any problems with it. Calendars for the Web has resulted in a great increase in convenience and efficiency for our operation. It's there, it works, and it sure beats paper.
Marty Bigos, Director, Flow Cytometry Core, Gladstone Institute

We've been using Calendars for the Web Hosting Version for our 20-physician practice for a year and been delighted with its functionality and customer service. With many physicians covering many locations, keeping track of who's supposed to be where became a nightmare. With Great Hill hosting the calendar for us, we were up and running in less than a day, and we now have reliable and useful calendars that are accessible anytime and anywhere.
Richard Duszak, MD, West Reading Radiology Associates

You saved my butt with your remote login feature. We were going to have to maintain two databases with username/password prior to this feature [available as of v1.2.1]. Now Calendars for the Web can magically see who is logged in and act accordingly....Terrific!
Ronald E. Liles, Company Withheld

We have thoroughly enjoyed using the calendar. I am the administrator of the calendar for use by our doctors, we have 15 doctors in our practice with two additional ones coming on board next month. We have found the calendar an invaluable tool in keeping up [with our 15 doctors]. One thing I can count on, whenever I need help, you are always so quick to respond. Many, many thanks!!
Anne Barre, G.I. Center of the MidSouth, P.C.

After exhaustive research on the internet and from my point of view as a webmaster, I can honestly say that whatever a company's requirements, Calendars for the Web is the MOST feature-enriched and customizable calendar program available. Bar none! Great Hill, you have a WINNER! Customer support ensured a smooth installation on our server and they have been committed to improving their product through suggestions they receive from their customers. KUDOS! I am totally impressed :) Thank you for a truly wonderful and superior product!
April Murphy, J.S. Music Productions

...it works great. It is such a better product than any other I've seen.
David Natinsky, Quick Technologies Inc.

[we were debating] whether to use our existing [...] wall calendar or go for [...] an easy-to-use, easy-to-access, at-a-glance wonderful calendar that meets all of our needs....Good news! It was a short debate...
Sharon E. Peterson, Marketing, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

Calendars for the Web is a robust, full featured tool anyone can use. Its accessibility and ease of use make it an easy choice in the competition for my software dollars. Calendars for the Web is a quality product and Great Hill provides exceptional service. People who need this type of service would be well served if they purchased this software from Great Hill
Karl Zandi, CTO, ecomony.com

You're awesome!! Thanks so much....it's working perfectly.
Linda Shore, Kinetic Thinking

This is the best online calendar I've seen.
Hilton Rush, Director, justCommunity

Our online-scheduling system is the envy of our peers. Thanks for a great app.
Robert E. Karaffa, II, Technical Director, Emory University

I wanted you to know how well the calendar is working for us. Your calendar has been perfect to keep everyone up to date on our group's activities and, because its on the web, its easily accessible when we're on the road.
Sharon E. Peterson, Marketing and Communications, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

We have been using Calendars for the Web for about 6 months. It has been very reliable and easy to use. I have recommended it to several other organizations.
Bill Choate, US Army Reserve Command

The Green Mountain Club, the maintainer of the Long Trail, a 275 mile hiking trail that runs the length of Vermont along the spine if the Green Mountains has its extensive hiking and workshop calendar hosted by Great Hill Corp. Not only do we have state wide events, hikes and workshops on the calendar but each of our 14 local Sections individually add their events to the calendar from their own locations. As webmaster of the Green Mountain Club site I have found the software easy to set up and very importantly, easy to teach others how to use. Additionally The customer service has been excellent.
Cathy Frank, Webmaster, Green Mountain Club, VT

This amazingly versatile program has features that will appeal to a wide variety of users. There are other calendar creating programs, but this one focuses on producing Web ready output, [...] the results are very professional looking.
Daniel Folliott, Personal Computer Club of Toronto

This amazingly versatile program has features that will appeal to a wide variety of users' needs. Out of approximately 50 calendar vendors - you were my #1 recommendation, which says a lot about what you have to offer....Many thanks, I will be advising others towards Great Hill in the future.
Eric Elford, Principal, Elford Technologies

This is an extremely simple calendar to learn but incredibly flexible and full-featured, too. I am very impressed. Where do I send the check?
Ken Buchanan, Brantley County GA

I highly recommend Calendars for the Web for its very usable calendars on a web site.
Lloyd W. Walker, ADO Support

You would be pleased with the response from the Corporate Event Management team had after viewing your online calendars. They all agreed that it will be a great tool to help us with our events.
Darlene H. Kaiman, Bank of America

Great Hill produces the easiest to use and best designed web calendar around. Once installed, We needed some rather heavy modifications and Great Hill responded rapidly with a customized proposal. The work was done well, exactly as we wanted and in a very short timeframe. Great Hill was of great assistance in helping us determine the best solution to our needs. The customizations even carry through upgrades of the calendar! All in all we found Great Hill very agreeable to work with, and their technical knowledge, speed of execution and attention to detail is well above par!
Sacha Stanton, Modus, Inc.

Great Hill Corporation is just great! Their multi-merge calendar application continues to accommodate our flexible requirements and meet the needs of our global network of internal/external trainers. We haven't had a single glitch. Their responsiveness to customization needs and support inquiries is fast and thorough.
David Turney, Web Communications Manager, Elsevier, Inc.

Your software was instrumental in keeping track of the hearings in the 9/11 Fund and I appreciate your assistance. Thank you.
Ruth S. Rosen-Odynocki, Administrative Assistant, The Feinberg Group, LLP

Calendars for the Web is highly configurable and packed with features. Close collaboration with Great Hill Corporation allowed us to integrate the product with a Sun Solaris based Java web application server with relative ease.
Mike Malone, Principal, Technotects, Inc.

My worldwide team has been using Calendars for the Web for 3 years. In that time, Calendars for the Web has proved to be capable and robust, allowing the team to collaborate and share schedule information better than any other calendaring tool I have tried. Given the great combination of speed, reliability and support from Great Hill, I have no hesitation in recommending your software to anyone looking for a way to manage remote and virtual teams.
Graham Begg, Manager, EM Operations (Europe), PeopleSoft

Our company has over 6,000 employees connected to our Intranet and they love this calendar! We've saved a bundle in printing and distributing paper calendars. As a web developer I'm amazed at the customizability of this calendar. ...every functional demand I've thrown at this calendar, it's been able to handle. With your product I'm able to design a calendar exactly the way that I want it, from hyperlinks to graphics, this product covers all bases! Your company has created a well-developed web application.
Jonathan Chestang, Intranet Web Administrator, Equity Residential Properties

Selected by Miami University as one of the best collaborative tools on the web today. I think the biggest bang for the buck will be the fact that my students will be using the site on a daily basis. Great Hill Corporation will be reinforced as a brand name. Further, I want to point out the advantages of this site as compared to Exchange or Groupwise. Price, flexibility, ease of access, low overhead, etc. etc.
Lee Bartlett, Visiting Instructor - School of Engineering, Miami University

Your program is more robust than anything else we've tried! We processed about 16,000 transactions through this calendar in the first 4 months. Your software, your company, and your service are excellent. I actually decided to publish the calendars and give all locations and all students access to the scheduling system. So now a student can enroll themselves, pay by credit card, and schedule their own appointments or live classes. I would not hesitate to tell anyone to use your service.
Rainy Robinson, Driversity

Without a doubt, you've got the best service and support of any company I've ever interacted with. On-going good wishes as you continue to build your successful organization!
Sharon E. Peterson, Marketing and Communications, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

We researched the best web site calendar on the net and by far, Great Hill has fulfilled all our expectations. Your Calendars for the Web Hosting Version has been perfect, Reliability is the same. Keep up the good work! Our company uses this calendar almost 10 to 20 times a day, it is that important to our company and communicating with our manufacturers we represent and communicating with our employees. We honestly could not live without it!
Scott Correl, Partner, Pacific Marketing

I think you have a fabulous product and I recommend you to all my clients when they're looking for a web calendar.
LaRae Moran, Web Design Consultant, Company Withheld

...thanks for taking the time to help me out. I'm not used to this kind of service from software vendors.
John Stotler, First Union Bank

Thanks...and once again, your service is out of this world! Well done!
Chris Chia, The Canberra Hospital

I have been using Calendars for the Web for more than a year now, and I'm very satisfied with both the product and the service. To anyone looking for an easy to use, yet versatile calendar, I recommend Calendars for the Web without reservation.
Bill Nostrom, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Thanks again for your assistance and keep up the good work. This is a really useful tool and is very well implemented. Looking forward to more improvements.
Lad Gaal, CT Service Webmaster, Marconi Medical Systems

This software handles everything I throw at it.
Sean Ream, Student, West Chester University

We looked at the Brown Bear software, but found something a bit more sophisticated I think. It is Calendars for the Web from Great Hill Corporation.
Marshall H. Montrose, Ph.D., Indiana University

We examined many web based calendar programs before choosing Calendars for the Web. None of them [competitors] even came close to matching the flexibility, power, and speed of this fine product by Great Hill Corporation. We are currently using it to provide event management solutions to over 11,000 Cities, Towns and Villages across the United States and the software is performing fantastically. If only all software makers put this much into their programs!
Matthew J. Hunt, CEO, Hometown USA

WOW! Thanks for all your work on this! I'll try this out in a couple days and see how it goes. Your customer service is unbelievable!!
David Henderson, Technology Coordinator, South Central Service Cooperative

The Linux version has been running FLAWLESSLY for us since the beginning. Thanks for such a strong, clean product.
Chip, Company Withheld

As you know we just purchased our 7th calendar!. We have found your calendars to be an excellent tool for scheduling meeting and delivers. I have found the technical support at Great Hill Corporation to be the best in the industry.
David Weaver, Consultant, Carpet Weavers

Wonderful! Many many thanks. I wanted to let you know that we have been using the upgrade and are very pleased with it. Thank you for all of your hard work and continued service.
Rosita Hickman, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

We have been looking at [an]other product...and I dont like it for the calendar scheduling at all......I don’t think I can survive my job without the CalWeb calendar!
Misty Healey, Training Coordinator, J.P.Morgan

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